Saying Goodbye to July

20130731-204421.jpg Sometimes when months go by quickly, like they tend to do in the summer, I feel like it's hard to look back on the time and pin point what it is exactly you did with it. Like I know I was working, and I know I did some running and some cottaging but if you asked me to highlight what I learned or how I grew? I think I'd come up empty.

But then again, I'm more of a, learn-in-5 years-hindsight-kinda-person anyway. I need distance from something to grab a hold of it.

But I was sitting here tonight, with the warm summer breeze coming in my windows, and I was thinking to myself long and hard for some reason about this month. July has been a good month.

And i think I want to say it out loud so I can hold onto it for just a bit longer.


20130731-204441.jpg 20130731-204501.jpg 20130731-210440.jpg 20130731-210354.jpg

20130731-210457.jpg 20130731-210448.jpg 20130731-204337.jpg 20130731-210507.jpg

July was the month that started with my best friend's wedding and ended with Mole chicken at my kitchen table. In like a lion and out like a quiet, sleepy summer evening.

Even though I said I'd never do it again, I got back into gardening-for-hire. I started running in the morning, (even though I said I'd never do that either) and I completed month one of the Anti-Cooking series with a new friend.

There was Bluesfest and our 4 year anniversary and Cliff the Dog swimming his little heart out at the lake.

We let the laundry go, and it piled up (clean and dirty piles) just because we've been using the evenings while we can. I love summer evenings when there's that perfect light, especially when you get out of a movie and it's still twilight.

What I've felt most strongly about this summer is how different it is from last summer; Same house, different story. Same hobbies, different results. Same job, different feelings. Same person, different goals. I may not know what I've learned this July, but I can definitely see how much has changed since last year at this time.

See I told you I'm better at the big picture stuff.

Alright July, you've been swell, but I've got a whole lot in store for August. See you next year!