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I got a really great phone call today so it made up for the horrible phone call yesterday (in which our lovely, amazing, super photographer we had booked for the wedding told us she was SURPRISE: pregnant! and as such she'd be unable to do our wedding.)

Since it took me forever to find a photographer like her who I adored with all my heart and soul, I was a bit crushed to hear the news. Photography has always been a really important element of the wedding for me. This sentiment was reinforced when Erin and Aaron got married over the Christmas break, and they had some brilliant photographers. They got this picture of Mike and I dancing ^^ and just some amazing shots of my favourite Erins (when two people you love are named Erin and they're married, you defer to the female spelling of it in the plural. That's just how it is, don't ask questions). If I didn't see it before, there's just a crazy value in having pictures you really want to treasure for all time.

Luckily, things happen for a reason and we're ->this close<- to having someone equally talented come and photograph our day because that awesome photographer we had booked put us in touch with her.  I mean babies aren't just born every day. I mean they are - but each baby is special and who knows why, but it feels extra good to relinquish control a bit when you're planning something stressful like a wedding. Even when you want to kick and scream and tell everyone you want it the way you thought it should be, because I've got a hunch that these things that disrupt your white fingered grip on the situation, always seem to work out for the best.

I watched the last episode in the series of The Office tonight and it made me cry. It seems weird to write about it, and I know the series ended like, a year ago, but that last episode - man. It hit a chord. I'd been putting the last season off because I didn't know if I could handle the sunset of my favourite show of all time. I'm a devout consumer of The Office - as in I can relate most things that happen in life to a scenario in the series. So with the finale, I was scared a bit to feel the closure.  Thank-god I can just go back to Season 1 and hit "play" like no time has gone by and nothing has changed.  I mean life is real and cruel and some things should never change. For instance, I like my fictional characters just as I remember them.

And for dinner we made dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon and then we put some steamed broccoli on the side of the plate to balance it out because we're trying to act like adults even though sometimes I have my doubts.

Last night I ordered our Save the Dates for the wedding (I made them on this site here) and I had a pinch me moment. I'm still not quite sure how it is that this is all happening. In case you were wondering, yes, it's happening. And I feel like a broken record here, but I'm torn between wanting to fast-forward to August 16 and wanting to hit pause on life. So I can sit here just a little bit longer and relish in the winter nights in the basement on the couch with Cliff on the arm and Mike on the other side.

And today we missed that big snow storm. We just had an enchanted woods sprinkling. I'd have to say that my favourite part about winter is the flannel pyjamas.